The Florentine hill is characterized by a landscape consisting of olive groves, vineyards and arable land interrupted on the slopes facing north and on top of the hills by oak woods or pine forests, often combined with hornbeams, holm oaks and other typical Mediterranean essences.

From the early Middle Ages onwards, this landscape was gradually inhabited by small towns, ladies' houses, farmhouses, then by noble villas with farmhouses from the Grand Duchy period with arcades and towers-columbaia and, in recent peas, by villas with vast parks. High dry-stone walls, tabernacles and rows of cypresses at churches and cemeteries and along crests and alongside narrow streets complete what is the landscape you encounter walking on the hills around the city.

The Florentine countryside is a perfect example of symbiosis between countryside and city, a harmonious whole that has been formed over the centuries by human beings on the basis of an essentially rural environment.

There are several possibilities to take a walk outside the city, to "take a breath of fresh air" and are also aimed at the less trained for ease and less effort. Easy and close to the city but that allow you to discover and observe many artistic testimonies and beautiful landscapes still little known.

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